How to get treated for the flu July 20, 2021 July 20, 2021 admin

A New York hospital is trying to find a way to treat the flu with a new type of medicine.

New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Medical Center in Queens is using a gene-based therapy to treat people who are infected with the flu and are suffering from anemia and other conditions.

The therapy could be used in the future to treat patients who are at higher risk for flu complications or have weakened immune systems.

NewYorkPresbyterians, which includes the hospital, has a patient population of 1,800.

Its main focus is treating people with flu-related illness and is trying out several different treatments.

The hospital is the first of its kind to use gene-derived medicine to treat flu.

New-found hope In the last few months, NewYork-Presbysons has had its own surge in flu cases, with about 1,000 cases in March alone.

The department is seeking volunteers to participate in the trials, and it has offered to provide flu shots to anyone who is eligible.

A spokesperson said in a statement, “Our patients deserve to be treated with dignity, and we’re committed to supporting them.”

In the meantime, New YorkPresbyteries is also looking for volunteers to help in its flu trials.

“The vast majority of our patients are young adults who have been in the hospital for at least two weeks with flu,” said Dr. Andrew L. Bogaert, the department’s chief of infectious diseases.

“We have a tremendous pool of volunteers, and our staff has done a tremendous job of communicating with patients, helping them understand the treatment, and helping them be part of the process.”

BogaERT said that while it is unlikely that people with weakened immune and immune system systems would benefit from the gene-edited therapy, the team is hoping to get some patients back to work as soon as possible.

“What we are working on is developing the protocol that will be most likely to be most effective in the long run,” he said.