Seattle Grace Hospital and Seattle Grace Medical Center to share beds July 26, 2021 July 26, 2021 admin

Seattle Grace and Seattle Children’s Hospital are sharing beds at their new Seattle Grace hospital and Seattle Hope Medical Center.

The hospitals, which are both under the Seattle Childrens Medical Center umbrella, will share the same beds for the first time in the US.

In a press release, Seattle Grace CEO and CEO Doug Tompkins said the hospitals have been in negotiations to share the hospital’s facilities with Seattle Grace for nearly a year.

“We are excited to welcome the Seattle Grace Hospitals, which has been an important partner to the Seattle Family Caregiving Center for more than 30 years, into the Seattle Community Caregiving Network,” he said.

“Seattle Grace is a wonderful institution and we are very proud of the work that our partnership with Seattle Children Hospitals has done to improve our community’s health and safety.

Our partnership is a model for other families to follow.”

Seattle Grace’s current two hospitals, Seattle Children Hope and Seattle Community Hospital, are also part of the Seattle Public Health System.

In October, the Seattle Health Department approved a waiver for Seattle Grace to add a new hospital to the public health network, as part of a broader effort to attract and retain new providers.

Seattle Children is also one of three new hospitals to have been approved to serve the Seattle public health system in the past three years.

Tompkins told Al Jazeera that the hospitals’ new shared facilities are part of their efforts to be more sustainable and responsive to the community.

“They will be able to better manage their resources and provide them to us in a more cost-effective way,” he told Aljazeera.

Seattle Grace and the Seattle Hope Health System are expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.