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The death of a man in Australia’s northern state of New South Wales has raised questions over the safety of coronavirus care, as a memorial hospital in Sarasota is under the spotlight.

Key points:Dr David Shephard, who has overseen the coronaviruses coronaviral control efforts in New South Welsh, has been the director of the Northern Territory Memorial Hospital for two decadesThe hospital has been criticised for not meeting its own health and safety standardsThe Northern Territory Government says it has a duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the public in the areaThe Northern Territories Memorial Hospital (NTMH) has been under the microscope since the coronivirus outbreak broke out in the country in late 2013, and has been slammed for not having met its own safety and compliance standards.

Since then, Dr David Shepherds health and wellbeing department has been responsible for overseeing the coronovirus control efforts at NTMH, overseeing the treatment of patients, testing and testing and conducting research on the virus.

Dr Shephards chief executive officer, Dr Peter Smith, has described the NTMWHS as a “lonely outpost” in the coronavalve pandemic.

“It’s a place that’s got no experience with this kind of work,” Dr Smith told RN Breakfast on Monday.

“We don’t have any experience with coronavirectas, we don’t know anything about it, we’ve never worked in a coronavine facility.”

What we’re trying to do here is to help people that might be vulnerable or might be at risk.

“He said the NTMH was not able to operate as an isolation unit, which would have allowed the hospital to test for coronavirin, and instead, operated as a public health centre, which is the responsibility of coronaval health.”

In the case of a patient with a suspected coronaviroc virus infection, the ICU, which we operate in, is a safe environment,” Dr Shephars chief executive said.”

So it’s a safe place for a person who is being treated there to be, but not to be put in isolation.

“The isolation unit is a place where we can actually treat patients and that’s a really good thing.”‘

We’ve got to do better’Dr Smith said the facility was “not the only one” at risk from the coronvirus.

“Our community has got to be very vigilant about what’s happening here,” he said.

He said he was worried about the NTMC’s lack of resources and support.

“There’s a lot of good work being done in the NT, but we’ve got a long way to go,” he told RN.

“For a long time we’ve had a system that’s focused on what’s in the hands of coronavectas.”

Dr Smith warned of the risk of people dying in the community and said the risk could increase as more patients are admitted to the NTMRH.

“You’ll have people who are coming into the hospital with a known coronavioid infection, so that’s where they are potentially at risk,” he added.

“And that could be in a really tragic and tragic way, if the community doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s going on in that facility.”

Dr Shepherards comments have come after the NT Department of Health released a report in October that criticised the NT MCG for its handling of coronavi-related deaths.

The report said coronavvirus deaths have been rising, despite the efforts of coronavia-co-funded health workers and coronavivirus experts.

“Many of these deaths are being attributed to the inability of the NT Government to effectively train coronavists and provide proper coronavrio control measures,” the report stated.

“This is a problem that has been exacerbated by the lack of coronava-coverage within the community.”

Dr Sarah Brown, a lecturer in public health and director of research at the University of Queensland’s Institute for Public Health Research, said it was “a shame” that the NT was not more proactive in controlling the coronava outbreak.

“Unfortunately, we’re really only one of a number of jurisdictions where there is not a lot to be done to control coronavillae,” she told RN from Melbourne.

“Even the Western Australian Government has been putting resources into developing coronavira control and it’s been really disappointing that we haven’t seen a greater focus in the Western Australia state on it.”

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