When you can’t take your eyes off your patient, you can use an eye mask August 16, 2021 August 16, 2021 admin

An Israeli teenager whose mother had to spend a day in hospital with a tearful baby due to a fatal case of bacterial meningitis died after his eye mask was used in an emergency room.

The teenager, aged 11, was taken to hospital in Jerusalem’s Ashkelon neighborhood in January after his mother developed a fever.

The doctor gave the boy a face mask, but after he was taken out of the hospital he was told it was not necessary.

A week later, he developed a severe infection that required intensive care.

“He got so ill that we had to take him to an ambulance to the Ashkelons hospital,” his father, Erez, told Israel’s Army Radio.

“He got very sick and we went into an emergency and took him to the hospital.”

The father added that his son’s eyesight deteriorated rapidly and he lost the ability to see for some time.

“When he was hospitalized, the doctors put his eyes on the ventilator,” he said.

“The doctors kept saying, ‘You can’t open your eyes, your pupils are too small.'”

The hospital doctors kept telling him, ‘The doctors told you that you have a mild infection, don’t worry about it, we will take care of it, don’T worry about your eyes.

You have to be careful.’

“Erez said that the family was informed that the hospital had received complaints of the boy’s eyes being cloudy.

However, it was unknown why his eyes were cloudy.

According to Israel’s medical board, the boy has been in intensive care since the end of January.”

It was my duty as a doctor to treat my son, not my duty to tell him I couldn’t do something,” he told Army Radio, adding that his wife also had a mild case of meningococcal meningititis.

According to Israel’s medical board, the boy has been in intensive care since the end of January.

According the Jerusalem Post, he was admitted to the intensive care unit on January 18, where he underwent a course of antibiotics and the first tests for the disease.

The family has not received any news of his condition since.

Doctors at Ashkelot’s Hadassah University Hospital, where the boy was treated, told The Jerusalem Mail on Tuesday that they are in the process of contacting the family to arrange an autopsy.