When dogs died, vets used ‘superficial signs’ to revive them August 17, 2021 August 17, 2021 admin

A Florida veterinarian used “superfictive” signs to revive dogs that died in his care, the Florida Department of Agriculture reported Wednesday.

The department said the incident happened in December and was not linked to a similar case.

The veterinarian, Dr. Brian Bouchard, was responding to a complaint by a pet owner in which a dog died after being left alone with the windows open, the department said in a statement.

Bouchard told the owner that he would open the windows and let the dog out to see if the dog would come out.

When the dog came out, he said, the door was locked and he would “take him to the hospital.”

Boucher had been working with the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, which runs the state’s state-run hospitals, to train veterinarians on signs they should use in order to resuscitate dying dogs.

He said he learned that signs like these are a key to “restoring the animal to health.”

“I had to use some signs, superficial, that I had never seen before, in order for the dog to be revived,” Bouchards’ veterinarian colleague, Dr., Dr. Joseph Gavigan, said in the statement.

“In a way, it was just like an experiment.”

The Florida Department says BouchARD did not use a medical device that was commonly used in veterinary care.

Instead, he used a “supernatural gesture” in order “to induce a rapid return to normal functioning” of the animal.

He also did not call for an ambulance, but instead asked the animal’s owner to call 911.

The incident was not the first time a veterinarian has used a sign to revive a dead dog.

A dog named Nola died in a Florida hospital after being taken to a hospital by a veterinarian who was working with a pet owners’ association.

The owner reported that she had previously seen signs that could help the dog recover.