When it comes to hospital beds, South Florida is short-staffed August 19, 2021 August 19, 2021 admin

The number of hospital beds in South Florida increased by almost one-third over the past year, a new report by the state health department found.

The department said there were more than 4.3 million beds across the state, and they’ve been growing steadily in the past decade.

The new report also shows that South Florida has the lowest overall hospital bed count in the country, with fewer than 1.6 million beds available nationwide.

The average size of a hospital bed in South Fla.

was 463 square feet in 2015.

Florida also ranked among the least hospitable states for emergency room patients.

The state had the second-lowest number of people in intensive care units per 100,000 residents in the nation, with just over 1.8 people per 100 million residents.

The state also ranked low in emergency department visits, with less than 1 per 100 000 residents.