How a hospital emergency saved the life of a woman with brain cancer August 25, 2021 August 25, 2021 admin

The story of how a woman’s brain was saved by an emergency surgery at a Washington hospital on Wednesday has gone viral on social media.

Tamar Braxton was on the operating table at Washington Hospital Center when she was diagnosed with cancer in February, and she was in the hospital’s emergency room.

The surgery to remove a blood clot from her brain had failed, and her prognosis was bleak.

“I had been there in the operating room a couple of times before and I just didn’t see much of anything in the operation room,” she told Al Jazeera.

Braxton’s mother, Mary, told Al-Jazeera she and her family were “pretty upset” at the way Braxton had been treated, but they were also “pretty relieved”.

“I was pretty upset,” she said.

“We’ve been told we don’t have any other options, that she’s going to be fine.

And that’s just not the case.”

Braxton underwent two more surgeries at the hospital, and doctors told her that the clot had spread to her brain.

She spent more than three hours in the ICU, with her mother holding her head in her arms.

“She’s pretty shaken,” Braxton’s sister-in-law, Amanda Braxton, told The Washington Post.

“I don’t know how she could have survived that, but it’s good she was able to get help.”

The surgery took place at about 9:30am local time (07:30 GMT) and had a success rate of 75 per cent, with a chance of survival of 80 per cent.

“When we got in the room and saw her, we were in tears,” said Dr. Mark Wollers, a professor of surgery at the University of Washington.

The operation was part of the hospital-based cancer care program that includes trauma patients.

“As you can imagine, this is a huge event for us,” said Woller.

“It’s been really important for us to give her a chance to recover and recover well.”

This is really one of the things that has made us really proud, is that we’ve worked so hard to get this surgery done.

We’re not going to give up on her.

She’s going back to work.

“Brapton, from North Carolina, was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon, with doctors telling local media that she was expected to be discharged within a few days.”

The hospital has been flooded with donations from around the world, including the US.””

She is still recovering, but she’s expected to have a successful surgery.”

The hospital has been flooded with donations from around the world, including the US.

“There’s a lot of love and concern for this patient,” Wills said.

The hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr. Paul Gee, told reporters the hospital is committed to providing the best care possible for its patients.