Why Jackson memorial hospital, Los Robles hospital have not released medical records September 9, 2021 September 9, 2021 admin

The Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Los Robes Memorial Hospital have not publicly released the names of those who died in a car crash last year.

Both facilities, located in the city’s north and west, are part of a complex of private hospitals, where doctors and nurses are often on assignment.

The two sites were the subject of an Israeli investigation into the crash of a silver Hyundai SUV that killed eight people in a densely populated neighborhood of Los Angeles in November 2016.

Israel’s investigation found that the accident was caused by a failure to observe traffic laws, which is a criminal offense in Israel.

The investigation was closed in early 2017 after Israeli authorities agreed to a plea deal in which they agreed to drop a manslaughter charge against driver Mark Meeks.

Meeks has since pleaded guilty to manslaughter and driving under the influence charges.

His lawyer said his client did not intentionally crash the SUV and had only been drinking at the time.

The Los Robens Memorial Hospital did not respond to an email seeking comment.